ILLDM2: The Hive

The Hive is a space style map with very large jumpads that make for some seriously crazy action. Due to its huge heights and platforms it's easy to end up crawling the space or crushing your feet, but once you know the paths is pretty easy to wander from jumppad to jumppad, not even touching the ground. The map worked to satisfy my will to create all the textures for a map and play with rounded geometry which wasn't so common for this game engine.

the hive the hive the hive the hive the hive the hive
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ILLDM3: Panacea

Mostly a graphic experiment, not running fast enough for its time's machines, but that would work perfectly fine nowadays. It involved a lot of texture making, delicate terrain making and geometry challenges. Overall resulted in a good eye-candy and an only decent playability, so it served its purpose.

Panacea Panacea Panacea Panacea Panacea Panacea

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