CAHA: Tavern

1942. Liaoning, China. The well known tavern Fire Garden has been taken by an allied squad to manage the spy work done in the japanese-german connection investigations. They are using a temple located on the top floor as a document depot, and have set a security system to ensure the spy lists are safe. A german squad has arrived to the city and has found out the allied shellac, so they get ready for battle and rush into the building.

caha_tavern_b2 caha_tavern_b2
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Raw Castle

Raw Castle is a small map thought for competitions. The allies have taken a farm and will try to steal the secret documents to the Axis, who have a well guarded castle. The caste has a main dynamitable door, and a side one as well. To steal the objective, the allies will have to break into the castle and blow up the vault door that protects them. The regular version is meant for public servers, TE for competitive matches.

Raw Castle Raw Castle
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Stonehenge KOTH

Small aim practice map with a flag on its center a la King of the Hill classic style. The team that holds the flag during five minutes wins the match. Recommended for 1 vs. 1 games.

Screenshot of Stonehenge Koth Screenshot of Stonehenge Koth
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CAHA: Town

Here I was pursuing getting deeper into blendings and shaping. The goal was to reach a higher level of detail and uneveness but unfortunately it was never finished.

Caha Town Caha Town

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