The Red Tent, used as a shop and workshops venue. It's made out of three groups of objects; the tent itself, the decoration, then extra clothes, lights and such in the last group. It has its own lighting and the chairs are totally functional, the main bulk of textures was made by myself although for the decorations I also used some shipped with packs in-game.

Buildings Buildings

A rather futuristic garden I made in my learning process on how to build in Second Life, which I assess is far more uncomfortable than in any other application I've worked with before. Besides basic geometry, I wanted to play with the eye-candy features such as transparency, gloom and so on.

Buildings Buildings


A black rose-themed dress for female avatars. All the pieces in the outfit were made by me including the pantyhose, the physics affected skirt and the shoulder buttons.

Clothing Clothing

A small set of Red Wound T-shirts for male avatars, more Red Wound clothing is/was planned and in the works.

Clothing Clothing Clothing Clothing

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