Coming from level design the need for a 3D software application was more than a must so I chose Blender 3D which is much more powerful than it may seem when you look up at the big brothers like Maya and 3DMax. Most of what I did was designing models for maps but also built a whole map (seen in the last two pictures for Wrath of the Tyrant for Doom 3). All those however were stuffed right away into the maps and never rendered with the Blender engine. Despite that, I still had time and will to make a few more scenes and render them in Blender. In the meantime I got familiar with importing heightmaps, making bump mapped and specular textures, adding 2D backgrounds to 3D scenes, and modelling in such an application in general. Here are some of the resulting images, most of them tweaked in 2D software afterwards.

LostLand Toxicity Path To... Progress

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