Along my time before, while, and after being in the arts school, a lot of drawings were made. Some of them have got lost in movings, reorganizations and other unlucky happenings. Some others remain and of those, I picked up a selection to be shown. They are not necessarily the best ones, but the ones that either mean something to me or even surprised me when I went back to them nowadays considering their time and the means or knowledge I had.

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Music Art


So many bands, so much artwork. Most of it got lost somewhere in between crushed hard drives… a small part of it got through somehow along with the latest art for my current bands and projects, Red Wound and nuMPad. This is an exhibit of that art, some of it yet unreleased, and of some amateur art I have done along the years just for pleasure… who can say it's uncool to give your average mp3 CD a decent cover instead of a handwritten tracklist?

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From my time as a level designer for first person shooters and other small games, I had a lot of texturing to do and never liked using the ones that shipped with the software if I could avoid it. Many times it would be tweaking the original ones or others I found, other times doing it from scratch. I'm showing only some of them here, the ones I am more proud of.

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Also from my time as a level designer, a collection of skyboxes I made for a series of maps that had to be used to film an in-game movie that finally never happened. The skyboxes are all made on Terragen, then tweaked on bmp editing software.

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