This is an exhibit of some of the textures I've been making during the time I've been level designing for first person shooter games. A lot of those textures were playing with alpha channels or movement through code, which unfortunaately gets lost in the samples displayed in this page.


A set of textures that were used in all the CAHA maps for Enemy Territory with an oriental theme as well as for the CAHA in-game movie that was never filmed.

D3 illdm3


A bunch of special effect textures along with water textures. The former were mostly done for Quake III and Doom 3, the latter for Enemy Territory's Raw Castle and the CAHA movie scenarios.

D3 illdm3


Pretty much a self-explanatory title; some wall and floor textures and a few props.

D3 illdm3


Just a few textures on this one. Both of the above had an alpha channel so that they could be used as decals, the bottom one was used to optimize backgrounds.

D3 illdm3


A sample of my work with bump mapped textures for the Quake III engine which was pretty revolutionary at the time it as made since the engine didn't originally support those. The diffuse maps shown here are mostly textures I'd found and tweaked to my liking.

D3 illdm3

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